2018 RPS Jersey Rumble
Team Training Week

Less inspiring than I imagined it would be. But everyone had fun.

Everybody Deadlifts

It's not just for Powerlifters anymore.

Glute Week


Variety Builds Better Athletes

Mix it up. Keep it fun!

Strong Women of The Club

See some of the women Matt trains take over the gym.

60 Day Challenge

Listen to why these individuals continued to lose weight throughout the 60 Day Challenge.

Bryan Testimonial

Original Powerlifting Team member, Bryan Wehman, comments on the importance of utilizing a trainer and training with someone with similar goals.

Fat Burning Complex

The Five-Fifty Barbell Complex is a Matt Kovacs' original. 

2015 RPS NJ State and North American Championships Day 1

Team Jungle Club, Day 1.

This is How We Train

Mixing in unconventional training techniques is a good way to break through plateaus.

Dynamic Lower Training

Dynamic lower body train includes, but is not limited to, the movements you will see in this video.